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Our mission

The Hungary Green Building Council (HuGBC) was founded in 2009. We are a nonprofit, nationwide, professional and social co-operation launched in an association form by architects, engineers, real estate developers, building materials manufacturers, property managers, mechanical engineers, economists, companies and organizations active in various fields of the building industry who are committed to the environment. The HuGBC has set itself the objective of contributing to the spreading of environmentally responsible and at the same time profitable construction practices through the promotion of the necessary market, educational and legislative conditions in Hungary.

Our core activities

  • We are involved in the professional development of architectural regulations that promote environmentally conscious and sustainable construction, and in the proper enforcement of environmental awareness.

  • In the field of green building, we are engaged in a professional knowledge-based communication at social level.

  • We share the knowledge, experience and innovative practices of our members with the interested professionals in the framework of trainings, conferences and workshops for professionals.

  • We contribute to the familiarization and dissemination of green rating systems (LEED, BREEAM, DGNB), and to the training of professionals.

  • We are in close contact with higher education institutions to introduce new technologies.

  • We are a recognized emerging member organization of the international World Green Building Council, so we rely on international experiences as well. We bring cutting-edge strategic principles, methodology and practices to Hungary.

What are proud of

  • We were a professional partner for the Budapest bid for the 2024 Olympics in the field of sustainability and post-utilization.

  • For many years, we have been a professional partner and lecturer at Öko-logikus (Eco-Logical) Conference Series, reaching 500-600 architects annually.

  • Every year we organize our own conference based on the most current themes, with the participation of about 100 professionals and with lectures presented by Hungarian and foreign experts.

  • Our self-organized "Environmental Awareness from A to Z" training provide architects with the knowledge that can help them shift their activities towards environmentally conscious and green construction.

  • As lecturers, our members constantly receive invitations for professional programs and events of other organizations.

  • By now, we have elaborated more than 10 opinions and proposals in the area of architectural regulation.

  • We have the only complex database of Hungarian buildings that achieved green ratings of LEED, BREEAM or DGNB.

  • Since 2013, we have been continuously organizing building tours within the Green Walk event series, having approx. 20 locations and 500 participants a year.

  • We write a „green” column in Metszet architectural magazine and in Ecolife monthly lifestyle magazine.

  • Our Green Newsletter is sent to about 1400 e-mail addresses on a monthly basis.

Our members

You can find further information here.

Benefits for members

  • Through the brand of the HuGBC, our members can position themselves as dedicated devotees of sustainable construction.

  • On behalf of the Council, our members can reach industry players with whom it would be almost impossible to build a relationship either as a profit-driven company or as an individual.

  • Our members can have an impact and influence on environmentally conscious construction through the Council's activities and programs.

  • Our members can initiate programs of their own interest represented under the name of the Council.

  • Our members have the opportunity of presenting themselves via the communication channels of the Council.

  • Our members can benefit from discounted attendance at conferences, events and trainings organized by the Council.

  • For our members, there is an informal networking opportunity among companies and organizations representing the same values within the Council.

  • Our members can use the logo of the Council in their communication appearances.

  • Our members can build an intensive relationship and be present in the strategic work of international green organizations.

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HuGBC is 10 years old in 2019

Look at our 5-minute birthday film.


For further information and news, please consult the Hungarian website.


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Hungary Green Building Council (HuGBC)
Founded: 2009

Address: 1082 Budapest, Futó u. 47-53., Hungary

Mailing address: 1037 Budapest, Seregély u. 6, Hungary
Phone: +36 70 779 2342