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Accessing Green Finance for Green Buildings in Europe

IFC invites you to a free workshop on Thursday, January 28, at 14:00 CET to learn more about EDGE: a fast, easy, and more affordable way to build and brand green buildings.

The workshop will focus on practical steps that developers, investors, building owners and policy makers can take to green their real estate portfolio. The workshop will also feature recommendations from IFC’s report, Green Buildings – A Finance and Policy Blueprint for Emerging Markets, on how to access international green building finance, such as green bonds, green loans and green mortgages.

Examples will be provided of investors and developers with successful green real estate programs and of governments with incentives for green construction. We will showcase a case study of ProCredit Bank, which is launching incentives for their clients and greening their own offices.


Időpont: 2021. január 28., - 2021. január 28.,
Helyszín: online

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