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Active House Virtual Gathering “How to #BuildBackBetter our homes, cities and communities after Covid-19”

As you may know, #BuildBackBetter focuses on solutions and stakeholders with the capacity to improve and optimise cities and the built environment towards better health and wellbeing.

Recently, the Active House Alliance entered a partnership with BLOX Global around #BuildBackBetter to showcase solutions for healthy buildings for the benefit of people and planet.

Join the event on Wednesday, 4 November, from 16:00 – 17:00 CET for the video discussion with the expert panellists:

  • Lone Feifer, Secretary-General, Active House, Introductory remarks on the Active House Alliance
  • Mayor of Milan’s officeon How to #BuildBackBetter our cities after Covid-19
  • Marco Imperadori, Professor at University Politecnico di Milano, on Application of #BuildBackBetter and Active House principles
  • Yves Lambert, Public Affairs Manager, Renson on How to #BuildBackBetter homes 

This event is part of a series of Active House virtual gatherings, where we hope to launch a more frequent exchange of ideas on the Active House principles. Each gathering focuses on a different topic in vogue.

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Időpont: 2020. november 04., - 2020. november 04.,
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