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HuGBC & RICS Green Talk on May 17: Carbon Heroes Benchmark Program

This time, Panu Pasanen, CEO of the Finish Bionova Ltd speaks about using LCA and carbon impacts for construction project benchmarking and optimization.

Applying LCA and carbon management delivers BREEAM and LEED credits and reduces exposure to carbon pricing measures, such as recently approved EU ETS 2021-2030. So far, there has not been an easily understandable yardstick for benchmarking projects for their embodied or life-cycle carbon impacts.

Carbon Heroes Benchmark Program initiated in cooperation with Hungarian Green Building Council (HuGBC) and hundreds of players from the industry delivers the necessary benchmark data. The benchmarks will be updated with new projects continuously and allow investors to take carbon in account in their decision making process. Program also supports BREEAM and LEED credentials for projects applying the measures, and connects with life-cycle cost analyses. This presentation explains the program and how it can be used for investment decision making.

About the speaker:

Panu Pasanen is the CEO of Bionova Ltd, a company specialising in LCA and LCC solutions for the built environment. He is consulting investors and governments on carbon and life-cycle management practises. His company is the developer of One Click LCA, a highly automated LCA&LCC software used in 50 countries. He is a frequent public speaker in green building industry and holds a MSc degree from Tampere University of Technology.

The language of the program is English.


Date and time: May 17, 2018. 9.00-10.30 

Venue: Hanák room (201), CEU, 5th district, Budapest, Nádor street 9.

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Időpont: 2018. május 17., - 2018. május 17.,
Helyszín: CEU
Cím: 1051 Budapest, Nádor u. 9. 2nd floor, Hanák room (201)

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