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LCA & LCC Training

Sign up for our half-day training about Embodied carbon and LCA. It contains a three-hour workshop introduces you how to make life-cycle metrics calculations as easy as possible. The event is lead by Bionova Ltd., the Finish expert company of the topic. The training is one of the programs of the World Green Building Week.

This practical training will allow you to learn about the LCA concept and related standards and requirements necessary to obtain credits related to LCA in LEED and BREEAM certification scheme.

What's more?

An LCA expert will guide you step-to-step through an easy process of conducting an LCA with One Click LCA, a very easy and fast automated life cycle metrics software. It is also the most commonly used software globally to achieve highest possible credits for green building certifications and approved with 100% quality rating for BREEAM International. After the workshop, you will be able to create LCA on your own with ease and confidence.

Who is the training for?

This training is intended for owners, investors, developers, architects, and designers who want to develop more sustainable buildings and achieve LCA credits for building certification schemes such as BREEAM and LEED.

What will you achieve by taking part in the training?

  • Necessary arguments that you will be able to present to clients and the project team: what are the credits related to LCA in BREEAM and LEED;
  • Knowledge of the benefits and requirements related to the use of these creditss in projects;
  • Complete a practical exercise during the training using your own laptops and free One Click LCA licenses.
  • After the workshop, you will be able to conduct LCA to obtain credits in projects.

Extra offer - Free license to One Click LCA software during and 2 weeks after the training.


9.00 Introduction

Éva Beleznay, Senior Sustainability Consultant, HuGBC

9.10 Embodied carbon 

Increasing importance, LCA/LCC in LEED/BREEAM green certification standards, best practices from authorities and organizations
Kostas Koukoulopoulos, Product Manager, Bionova Ltd

for Hungary and the wider area

Kostas Koukoulopoulos, Product Manager, Bionova Ltd

9.40 Embodied carbon and circular economy initiatives

Review on current status in Hungary regarding embodied carbon and circular economy initiatives in building sector
Mária Szentesi, Technical and Product Development Manager, Saint-Gobain Constuction Products Hungary Kft.- Rigips Division
Alex Bondár, Country Technical and Sales Representative, Armstrong Ceiling Solutions Hungary

10.15 to 13.30 LCA & LCC Workshop 

Kostas Koukoulopoulos, Product Manager, Bionova Ltd


Date: 24th September 2019, 9.00.-13.30

Venue: Denkstatt Office (1037 Budapest, Seregély utca 6.)

Please bring your own laptop to the training.

The training has limited seating. Register early to secure your spot.

Parking is available on the street in pay zone. If possible, please choose the public transport and reduce your carbon footprint.

Training costs:

Normal: 35,000 HUF + VAT
HuGBC and RICS members: 28,000 HUF + VAT

The training is in English. The training cost contains a coffee break and snack lunch. 
Early bird tickets are available until August 31, 2019.

About Bionova 

Bionova Ltd. is the developer of One Click LCA. One Click LCA is the Building Life Cycle Metrics software that allows you to calculate Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Costing, Carbon footprint and other environmental impacts in a matter of minutes thanks to easy to use automation. One Click LCA can be used for Ecodesign, Green Building credits, CSR, and Infrastructure, is the highest rated LCA software for BREEAM, and is compliant with more than 20 other Green Building certification schemes, including LEED, Energie Carbone, DGNB, and HQE.

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Időpont: 2019. szeptember 24., - 2019. szeptember 24.,
Helyszín: Denkstatt Office
Cím: 1037 Budapest, Seregély utca 6.

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