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RESTORE - REthinking Sustainability TOwards a Regenerative Economy

The English-language international conference held with RESTORE and ABUD, with HuGBC's support, discusses the latest discoveries of net-positive, regenerative sustainable construction.

The conference in Budapest will cover exciting new insights in restorative sustainability for new and existing buildings across Europe. The event will focus on Restorative Sustainability and Restorative Design.

Restorative Sustainability is an Evolving Agenda of Restorative Design, which introduces the evolving spectrum of paradigms, design challenges, opportunities, and perspectives for sustainable architecture and urban design. It discusses the knowledge, skills, and competence that should inform and orient the practice shift required by an approach to architecture informed by restorative sustainability.

Restorative Design focuses on processes, methods and tools for Restorative Design. Primarily based on case studies derived from workshops, it constitutes the core of the action and intends to provide “handson” guidance to the practice of restorative design.

Further information: http://www.abud.hu/latest/restore-conference

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Időpont: 2018. február 13., - 2018. február 13.,
Helyszín: Jarl Conference Center, Kinnarps House
Cím: Budapest, Váci út 92.

Forrás: http://www.abud.hu/latest/restore-conference

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