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WEBINAR on Active House Calculation

The Active House Alliance (Accosiate Member of the HuGBC) offers a two half days webinar on calculation of the Active House Radar. The webinar is open for both members and non-members of the alliance.

The webinar will include a detailed introduction to the Active House specifications, where all the nine parameters will be explained in details, including the references to standards and levels to archive. The introduction will be followed by a guided tour on how to use of the Active House calculation tool, including how to calculate the Active House radar. Finally, the new Active House label will be presented and the process to obtain a label will be explained.

Interested? Register by sending an email to Amdi Schjødt Worm at amsw@arkitema.dk with the Active House Secretariat at secretariat@activehouse.info in cc.

Stay tuned for further details and visit the website for more information!


Időpont: 2018. január 16., - 2018. január 16.,
Helyszín: Webinar

Forrás: http://www.activehouse.info/january-active-house-webinar-on-calculation/

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