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WELL v2 Workshop

One-day workshop for the first time in Hungary about WELL v2 requirements from first hand. The JBM Consulting’s workshop will focus on the application of the new version of WELL v2 Standard. Participants will receive information about the changes and receive practical advice on their application.

The course is recommended for Property Managers with new developments aiming WELL certifications and to ongoing project team members targeting WELL v1.

The trainer will review scenarios from real world projects to help the audience better understand the practical application of the WELL v2 Standard and in a Q&A session answer related questions.

Date: 26th March 2019, 8.30-16.00

Venue: Siemens Conference Center (1143 Budapest, Gizella út 51-57.)

Trainer: Mr. Joseph Marfi, LEED AP BD+C, WELL AP & WELL Faculty, GGP

Training cost: 55,000 HUF + VAT
Training cost for HuGBC and RICS members: 45,000 HUF + VAT
Training cost for former WELL attendees: 40,000 HUF + VAT

In case of the registration of more than 1 person from one company (same invoicing details), the cost of the course is 40.000 HUF + VAT as from the 2nd person for HuGBC members and 50.000 + VAT for Non HuGBC members.

Detailed discussion items:


1. WELL v2 Standard – brief introduction

  • What are the introduced new Concepts
  • Fewer prerequisites – but there are new ones to satisfy
  • What are the administrative changes
  • New lower fees – but owners must consider laboratory test costs

2. Comparing WELL v1 to WELL v2

  • What are the improvements in v2
  • Many new Features worth taking time to analyze
  • Significant engagement of Human Resources Directors

3. Advisory to WELL Project Owners and Administrators

  • What are the benefits of using v2 vs v1
  • When is it wise to convert from v1 to v2
  • How to analyze and prepare for the conversion

4. First reports from ongoing WELL v2 projects

  • What are the pitfalls
  • How to avoid miscalculations

5. Tips & Strategies for Real Estate Managers considering WELL



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In case of the registration of more than 1 person from one company (same invoicing details), the cost of the course is 40.000 HUF+VAT as from the 2nd person for HuGBC members and 50.000+VAT for Non HuGBC members.

40.000 HUF + VAT (former WELL attendees)
45.000 HUF + VAT (HuGBC members)
55.000 HUF + VAT (Non HuGBC members)

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Időpont: 2019. március 26., - 2019. március 26.,
Helyszín: Siemens Conference Center
Cím: 1143 Budapest, Gizella út 51-57.

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