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weTHINK. Rethinking waste-management and recycling through circular business models conference

The event will be organised under the umbrella of the weBuildBackSmart Business Initiative, which focuses on sustainable and circular solutions for economic boost in Southeastern and Eastern Europe.

For a circular economy it is essential to recycle materials from waste in order 'to close the loop'. The recovery of energy from waste also plays an important role. Waste disposal should be phased out and, where it is unavoidable, it must be adequately controlled to be safe for human health and the environment. The “Rethinking waste-management and recycling through circular business models” event shall:

  • Facilitate the presentation of the Strategic Roadmap towards sustainable and digital future of Southeastern Europe, with a special focus on waste-management and plastics;
  • Focus on financing opportunities and investment possibilities for companies in the field of waste-management and plastics;
  • Look for all-encompassing solutions throughout the whole supply chain of waste production, collection, preparation and treatment (also recycling);
  • Foster further in-depth dialogue between key stakeholders in the respective fields of waste-management and plastics, and later transfer it to the weTHINK online platform.

Details and registration.

Participation is free of charge.

Időpont: 2021. április 15., - 2021. április 15.,
Helyszín: online

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